Anestis Goudas
UI, UX Designer

D.V. Collection

An e-commerce website for women who want to shop & stylish their everyday life.

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

  • The client of this project was one of the most famous pop Greek singers, Despina Vandi. Expanding her businesses efforts to the area of fashion, she established D.V. Collection. An e-commerce website, specifically designed for women fashion. Branded fashion clothes, designed by the famous pop singer Despina Vandi and her team.

  • I started working on the project in November 2016, while it was expected to be completed in January of 2017.

  • My main role on the project was the UX Researcher and apply all my e-commerce experience & research to a smooth, minimal and functional e-commerce website.

Brief & References

D.V. Collection

We arranged some meetings with Despina Vandi herself, and her team, so to discuss the direction of this e-commerce website. They showed us also photo-shoots from the actual clothes, plus their new Lookbook for the coming season. 

Having all these in mind, we concluded in the direction to design and develop a minimal white space e-commerce, by giving emphasis on the main subject: the clothes. Easy to navigate-menu, divided into the specific categories. We give also importance on the check-out process: to make each user's shopping experience smooth and easy to complete an order.

The references we have been given were already successful e-commerce websites such as Net-A-Porter & Victoria Beckahm.

Branding & Aesthetics

D.V. Collection

Color palette

Having in mind what we have already discussed in the meetings and the references, that we were given, we direct the entire branding, aesthetics and look & feel of the website down to four simple colors: White, Black, Gray & Gold for giving the extra elegant style.

Use of Fonts & Typography

For the first time also we use a combination of fonts not only from Google Library, but a custom-made font called Zona Pro, that after research & various tests, we chose to be our H1 and main font of the website. Combined with a Google Font for Paragraph texts. Both they had the functionality to write in Greek & English, as the e-commerce would cover both languages.

Personas & User Research

D.V. Collection

Based on the interviews/workshop we set up three personas. We referred to them throughout the entire product development process.

  • We didn't have to go far, to look for interviewing women to help us build the e-commerce website. We asked my company's women to give us their opinion of women's fashion websites. 
  •  We thought of this direction, as the targeted users were actually beside us. My friend from work, my girlfriend etc. Ages from 25-50 years old, with 
  • Everything was going great except when we learned that the D.V. Collection clothes were kinda purposed for women with extra money to spend on, instead of casual clothes most women are willing to buy.
  • We began again the tests, this time having in mind the previous facts, so we shrink our research to a more specific target audience.

Customer Journey

In order to get to know our users' behaviour better, we created a Customer Journey Map.

  • After the launch of the e-commerce website, we allowed a period of time for the users to show us quickly possible errors and pain-points. Although the user experience of seeing, choosing and buying a product was designed in a very simple way, we found out that the system development did not correspond correctly with IRP platform on the store.
  • We found out eventually, that this was a problem that had to do with our Magento version 3.0 So, the IT & Sales support teams were solving this problem via phone until we finally fixed it within a few days.

D.V. Collection
D.V. Collection


At the beginning of my design process, I created wireframes for testing purposes.

It was a useful process to pre-create a direction before the official UI. I gained each time valuable feedback from my Art Director, so to manage to drive the project in the desired way we wanted.

UI Design

Once I tested out all usability mistakes, I started designing the final screens in Adobe Photoshop & Sketch.

  • The general visual style, as mentioned before, it was:
    Clean, minimal, white space & give emphasis on the products.
  • The tools I used to complete the various tasks were Sketching wireframes, Adobe Photoshop & Sketch app. 
  • Fonts that were used: Zona Pro & Open Sans
  • Colors: White, Black & Gray

Product variations per availability

D.V. Collection

User Account page

D.V. Collection

Measurement & Size Guides


What I have learned from this project

  • This was the second e-commerce website that I was hired to design, but with the difference of making all the required research and user experience from the start. It was - I can say - my first attempt to enter the world of UX Design.

  • My biggest fear was the actual platform Magento that we gonna use, and its version 3.0. A version that eventually required to re-design some parts of the e-commerce website, especially on the Check-out pages.

  • It was my first attempt to design a website purposed for the women users. So far in my career, I had designed only corporate or educational websites & apps. So it was a unique experience to learn how this type of users (women) think and especially when we talk about fashion clothes.
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The client said about me

"Anestis, keep up the good work you're doing because you are a dedicated & talented designer and that's a privilege: to do what you love"

Despina Vandi

Founder & CEO of D.V. Collection

More information at shop.despinavandi