Hello, I'm Anestis, a UI & UX Designer. I am passionate about helping clients achieve their goals by using Design techniques.

From an early age, I immersed myself in drawing & designing stuff for various things such as illustrations, logos, fan made magazines (related to music) and other stuff. Growing up, I learned the value of being creative and I take that fact with responsibility to manage my own freelance studio, all these years. Design is my passion and I strived to be a Designer, although I began as Developer (Mambo & Joomla CMS).

I dedicated my career to working closely with companies & clients with vision, making sure we deliver something valued to their customers. I impress a growing international client base consisting of music labels & artists, design agencies, publication companies, corporate businesses and various clients. I’ve been around for almost ten years now and the latest two years I am trying hard to become a good UX Designer, as well. Previously, I worked mainly as a UI Designer in various agencies.

I like to design easy-to-use and engaging User Interfaces & Experiences.

I work closely on each project, considering your customers to make sure that we deliver exactly what they need, while keeping an eye on your business goals & objectives. I understand the complete process, allowing me to work with teams even more effectively. From client briefing to wireframing & prototyping, to design and development, I approach every project with much impact and that allows to deliver the best possible product for the users.

My work is focused on creating useful, usable and engaging online experiences. As Steve Jobs once told: "Design is not only how it looks, but actually how it really works".


2018 CSS Winner Best Portfolio award: Nomination
2017 Orange Grove Athens First Prize Award for Startup Businesses
2017 WebX Awards Leisure / Entertainment: GOLD for despinavandi.gr
2016 E-volution Awards Distinction in e-commerce (Despina Vandi Collection)
2010 Nomination 'Best Cover Art'​ award (Canada)
2008 RAM Magazine, publication 'Design your own personal MySpace profile'​


2018 MyHabeats UI/UX Designer
2017 Easy Exports UI/UX Designer
2014 Steficon Senior UI Designer
2014 Planet Interactive Senior Web Designer
2009 Freelancer Web Designer & UI/UX Designer
2007 Diadyma Junior Web Designer/Developer
2005 C#Program Junior Web Designer/Developer



Aikaterini Milioni / Founder at MyHabEats
"I worked with Anestis for specific tasks on MyHabeats the healthy app my team is developing. His commitment to get the job done with accuracy and professionalism thrilled the members of my team. Anestis is on continuous self improvement and knowledge sharing thus he convinced me that he will always be a consultant for MyHabeats ! I strongly recommend Anestis as a seasoned UX/UI professional."

Athina Stantzos / Consultant at Deloitte Belgium
"Anestis is an impressively methodical and creative person. He also has a multifaceted creativity that helps produce an astonishing work. He has experience in sketching, prototyping and designing web applications, websites, mobile apps but also on graphic design working with rock bands and other music labels . His third asset is his UX/UI approach in every project he embraces. Working with him on Easyexports, helped us produce a very modern and tailor made platform for the import/export industry. His creative mind never stops, even in the most detailed parts."

Ioanna Deimezi / Senior Copywriter at ANT1 Group
"Anestis Goudas is one of the most talented web designers I have worked with. He was one of the most valuable assets of Steficon's S.A. Creative Dpt. He is incredibly creative and really passionate about web design. He has sophisticated taste, pays a lot of attention to detail and knows how to respond efficiently to the client's needs. His designs are always fresh, unique and on brief. He is diligent, he has great capacity as to coming-up with problem-solving ideas, he is always willing to help is co-workers and fun to work with."

Donato Taliente / Co-founder at Easyexports
"Anestis is creative, organised, methodical when it comes to work. He's the kind of Creative Director that you like to work as he loves to understand the project, the client and the user, he will be very minutious in his research before coming up with the creative strategy. He gives much importance in nurturing his team and learning every day with them."

Manuel Elber / Youth Classics
"Anestis is one of the very few people, that working with is pure pleasure. He has the ability to not just “do as ordered”. He always tries to catch the feelings and the vibes behind, and tells a story with his art. We trust him by saying “this is it, do something”, and he never disappointed us, it was always beyond the expected, matching the sound to perfection. We’ve experienced him as a very passionate, very professional guy, that sets himself high goals. He is always faster than “on time” and the exchange during the “in progress” phase is very constructive and fun. He’s our man if it comes to graphics!"

Tom Steiner / The Percent
"Take a huge bucket full of creativity, add two teaspoons of professionalism and a pinch of commitment to deadlines - stir well and what you get is this fine young gentleman who’s doing an awesome job! Seriously, drop him a note - you won’t regret it, this guy’s work is really overwhelming."